About me


Many years ago a boy named Hampus Jörgensen was born in the small town called Jönköping in Sweden. It was the 16 august 1988 and it was probably a lovely sunny day. This particular boy grew up kind of surrounded by big machines, cars, engines, metal and everything else that you can use for innovative things. So it was not a surprise for his parents that he soon started to build stuff out off nothing. At first it was an aircraft out of two pieces of wood. It was used to "fly" around in the garden. Then a couple of years later he had to rebuild his bike to make it look better. In his early teens he was just starting to weld and that made a huge impact on him and on the possibility to build even larger projects and to shift focus more against vehicles and engines. So therefore he is now building his second trike called "Dibico". Read more about the [project].



Hampus future is not yet determined. His goals are set high and he does have a lot of projects on his mind, so only time will tell what will happen. First of all he will get Dibico on the road, looking like a star there waiting for the green light.