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I showed the bike on Elmia Custom motor show in april 2017, and ever since then I have worked on getting everything to work around the engine. It has been a lot of work to get all the systems to work properly, Especially talking about the Electronic Fuel Injection System (megasquirt). At last I got everything to work properly and i was able to drive the bike. I tried to do some basic tuning of the fuel but soon realised that I needed to take the bike to a tuning firm to get the engine running smooth and more importantly Safe!

I was lucky because the Tuning firm was cloose to my home and my friends had good experience with it. I took the bike there and I was really nervous to see what the experts would say about the engine-build. This is my first turbo project so alot of stuff is guessing. But luckily everything worked as it should and the tuning guy started to max out the engine. He had to stop revvin at 230whp on the wheels(280 on engine), 4200rpm, 0,55 bar because he saw the lamda reach 0,87. Apparantly lamda should stay at 0,82 when revving the engine hard. So for not risking detonation and melted pistons he must check the lamda with great attention.

I knew beforehand that the injectors would be the limiting factor but what i didn´t realise was that now he hade to put the rev limiter really low to not put the engine at risk of detonation. We decided to unconnect the wastegates, this resulted in 250whp, 0,4bar and 410nm so more power because we could rev more. But to have a safe tune he had to put the rev limiter at 3500 wich resulted in the current map of 220whp(270 in engine)0,3bar. So at the moment it makes 100km/h at 2500rpm and max out at 140km/h on 3500rpm (rev limiter). With the rev limiter at 5500 with larger injectors it will make 200km/h at 5000rpm.

THE FUN PART, is that with larger injectors i would be able to get 100hp more with more or less same boost, wich would result in 300-350whp and 350-400hp in engine. and this with around only 0,5 bar in boost. This ford 5.0 block can handle somewhere around 450-500hp so i am very pleased that i am like 1000$ and some easy mechanical work away from maxing out the engine.

X-treme Car Show, Lahti - Finland

So my sister and I had the oppurtunity to go to Lahti Finland for X-treme Car Show. We started from south of sweden 2017-09-28, went to stockholm, took the ferry and arrived at Helsinki 2017-09-29, we then drove up to Lahti for installing the trike at the show. At 10pm we were done with the installation and polish so we headed to the hotel. Next morning (2017-09-30) the show opened at 10:00 am so we were eager to talk to all the finnish people(in english of course). The show continued until 2017-10-01 at 16:00 but we had to leave at 15:00 to drive 3 hours to Åbo and the ferry to stockholm.

The bike won two prizes, 1st place of "X-treme bike" and "top 10 X-treme car" wich was 10 prizes without specific order. Soo these prizes was really sweet and I was not prepaired for it.

The trip was a total of 1100km in the car and 27 hours in total on two ferries.

Street legal V8 Turbo Trike

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